Advanced Program Dilemma

This simulation addresses issues surrounding Advanced Program participation goals and criteria. It seems that current AP participant demographics at Spalding Middle School do not mirror those of the school or community population. In this simulation, you will deal with issues including equity, self-awareness, data analysis and interpretation, communication, advocacy, and time. Your Role: New counselor […]

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Planning for Student Achievement

Assuming the role of the Counseling Chair at a medium-sized middle school (grades 6-8), your objective is to comprehend and implement processes that mitigate truancy. Throughout this simulation, various impacts resulting from absenteeism will be considered. This resource is an excellent starting point to grasp the complexities of absenteeism, foster discussions, weigh tradeoffs, and establish […]

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Data Driven Counseling

As the Chair of a high school counseling department in a school resistant to change, you will lead a student performance improvement initiative. You must identify the best sources for, then collect and disaggregate available data in an effort to identify areas/practices where improvement is most needed. You must identify strategies to deal with resistance […]

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Middle School Budget Challenge

This simulation involves a middle school principal responding to a request from the superintendent for a 15% budget cut in two weeks. The principal must determine the process for arriving at the cuts, who to involve in the process, and how to drive alignment around priorities. Of course, there are many conflicting perspectives to be […]

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Student in Crisis

Suicide is a tough reality among our teens and, as such, an inevitable tragedy for our schools. This simulation focuses on supporting the school leader as he/she navigates a loss due to suicide. From the first moment of notification, through the nuances of sharing the news with your students, staff, and community, and into the […]

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School Safety

In the face of a potential threat to students, you will work with others to respond decisively, while balancing conflicting considerations. How you measure the situation and choose to act will bear different consequences. In the process of this simulation, aspects of your leadership style may be revealed. Key characters include a nervous 7th grader, […]

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Student Support (Transgender)

As the principal of Fairlawn High School, you must address the needs of a family whose 16-year-old student is transitioning gender. You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with current laws and accommodation requirements associated with transgender students. You will also be provided a tool to assist in identifying/prioritize risks and developing mitigation strategies […]

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Comprehensive Role of School Counselors

As a new assistant principal at Thornbush Middle School, you are tasked with improving the student’s experience by enabling a stronger, more meaningful relationship between them and the school counselors. Your understaffed counselors at Thornbush spend a majority of their time completing administrative tasks and are justifiably defensive. Further, you’re faced with apathy and resistance […]

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