PSEL Standards


SchoolSims are designed to align with PSEL (Professional Standards for Educational Leaders) standards. Because simulations immerse participants in school-based scenarios like those that occur in real-life, they provide an opportunity to practice evaluating context and applying the appropriate standards in a risk-free environment.  Leaders face circumstances where they are required to make a decision that may align with one standard but comes at the cost of another.  While dealing with the blowback of those decisions within the simulation, leaders build the capacity and confidence to manage actual situations when they occur.

SchoolSims can be experienced in-person or virtually with large or small groups or can be deployed asynchronously. They can be incorporated into any leadership professional development program and included in university-based educational leadership curricula.

Download the SchoolSims Simulation Overviews to learn more about our alignment with PSEL Standards:


The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders provide guideposts that will help school leaders make a difference every day in the learning and well-being of students. Grounded in current research and the real-life experiences of educational leaders, they articulate the leadership that our schools need and our students deserve. They are student-centric, outlining foundational principles of leadership to guide the practice of educational leaders so they can move the needle on student learning and achieve more equitable outcomes. They’re designed to ensure that educational leaders are ready to meet the challenges of the job today and in the future as education, schools, and society continue to transform. See our full simulation list as they relate to PSEL below.