Comprehensive Role of School Counselors

~45 minutes

As a new assistant principal at Thornbush Middle School, you are tasked with improving the student’s experience by enabling a stronger, more meaningful relationship between them and the school counselors. Your understaffed counselors at Thornbush spend a majority of their time completing administrative tasks and are justifiably defensive. Further, you’re faced with apathy and resistance from seasoned teachers and staff. To successfully engage counselors in activities aimed at preventing rather than responding to problems, you’ll need to identify root causes, redistribute administrative tasks and lead change efforts despite growing resistance.

Key characters include a no-nonsense principal, counselor with experience in business leadership, recently promoted to Counseling chair
Trade-offs to consider:

  • The clarity of role that your proposed process will produce vs. the speed of implementation
  • Considering overall school climate, including faculty and staff morale, when building trust and moving toward the execution of your vision

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