Student in Crisis

~45 minutes

Suicide is a tough reality among our teens and, as such, an inevitable tragedy for our schools. This simulation focuses on supporting the school leader as he/she navigates a loss due to suicide. From the first moment of notification, through the nuances of sharing the news with your students, staff, and community, and into the days and weeks after the tragedy, this simulation helps define what considerations to make when crafting decisions that will impact your community on every level.

Key characters include  unnamed positions of an SRO, multiple APs, guidance counselors, teachers
Trade-offs to consider:

  • Being timely and efficient in your notifications, while also being accurate and sensitive
  • Prioritizing communication and summoning staff resources, while also acknowledging strong feelings that may arise, even for your leaders
  • Allowing time for a process of grieving, while also assuring that students and staff proceed with learning

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