Advanced Program Dilemma

~45 minutes

This simulation addresses issues surrounding Advanced Program participation goals and criteria. It seems that current AP participant demographics at Spalding Middle School do not mirror those of the school or community population. In this simulation, you will deal with issues including equity, self-awareness, data analysis and interpretation, communication, advocacy, and time.

Your Role: New counselor at Spalding Middle School

Timeframe: First few months of a new school year.

Challenge: To better align current tasks to a comprehensive school counseling role and review existing selection criteria and processes to improve equity in Spalding’s Advanced Program participation.

Key Characters:

  • Mr. Rogers, 6th Grade Counselor
  • Ms. Orton, 8th Grade Counselor and Department Chair
  • Ms. Wilson, Senior Teacher
  • Mrs. Jacobsen, Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Nobles, New Teacher

Trade-offs to Consider:

  • Time to Collect and Analyze Data vs. Time to Implement Change
  • Equity vs. Watering Down Curriculum
  • Change Implementation vs. Faculty Buy-In

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