Getting Started with Grant Writing for PD

Most districts do not realize how many grant and funding opportunities exist, especially when providing quality professional development for your school administrators, principals, teachers, counselors, and staff. Many districts need help with the basic information required and what sources are available. In addition, once funded, districts need help implementing the grant, getting the programs up and running, and measuring success. SchoolSims would like to help you start your grant writing journey while providing an excellent experiential learning tool! Simulations assist school leaders in building their Experience Portfolios to be better prepared for the challenging scenarios they will face. A grant that includes simulations will allow access to the entire simulation library and the optional opportunity to partner with SchoolSims on the development of new titles and content. Contact Us to Learn More

Collecting the Basic Information for a Grants is Key

Getting started with grant writing can take time and effort. Collecting necessary information before starting is crucial to the grant writing process. To set you up for success, SchoolSims is making available a guide with what to collect upfront so that you are prepared to dive in—a special thanks to K20Connect for assisting with this endeavor.

While this guide may be helpful, you may need additional help. If you want us to write the grant for or with you, click here, and we can set up a brief call to discuss how SchoolSims and K20Connect can help.

Watch our Webinar on Title Funds

Title Funding is one great resource for professional development funding. Check out our webinar entitled: Leveraging the CARES Act for Quality PD to learn how to use the funding to secure professional development tools.

In addition to Title Funding information, we discuss the CARES Act, GEER, carryover for waivers, and microgrants.

Acquiring Professional Development Using Title Funds

By downloading our information sheets, learn more about funding sources such as the CARES Act, GEER, carryover for waivers, and microgrants.

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