Combatting Principal Churn: More Important Now than Ever

August 26, 2020


Leadership matters and nowhere does consistent leadership matter more than within our schools.  Numerous studies have definitively concluded:  school leaders drive youth outcomes.  Without effective principals, school culture is lost, teachers become disenfranchised with changing priorities, and student achievement suffers.  When principals are prepared, feel supported, and have the skills necessary to establish and maintain highly effective school settings, students prosper.


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Don’t Forget about Professional Development Amid COVID-19 Crisis

March 20, 2020

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is creating a new normal for everyone across the globe.  Historically, times like these have often led to the most extraordinary outcomes.  The Washington Post recently published an article on how Sir Isaac Newton used his time at home during the black plague to do his best work. Our current circumstances are quite similar and the most innovative leaders in education will use this disruption to not only think about how and what content is being delivered to students, but also to identify alternative learning opportunities for educators as well as the current and aspiring leaders in their districts.