Downloadable Resources

Welcome to our Downloadable Resources page. On this page, we offer multiple resources available to download to help you better understand the impact of simulation-based experiential learning and guides that can help support your professional development goals and needs at your school. Whether you are a school district, college, or university, we have resources to support your mission.

Simulation-Based Experiential Learning Guide

This guide provides school leaders and educators with a practical framework for integrating immersive simulations into professional development and higher education programs. From design principles to facilitation techniques, it equips users with tools for creating impactful learning experiences through active participation and reflection. Simulations within the guide utilize live actors and artificial intelligence to bridge theory and practice, enabling learners to experience the consequences of their decisions firsthand, thus enhancing the learning journey.

Simulation Overviews

This document offers in-depth analyses and breakdowns of diverse scenarios, providing educators and leaders with invaluable insights into decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning. From crisis management simulations to real-world leadership challenges, each overview stimulates critical thinking, enhances decision-making skills, and fosters team collaboration. Whether you’re seeking to prepare for potential challenges, optimize operational efficiency, or cultivate leadership acumen, the overviews serve as indispensable tools for navigating the complexities of educational leadership.

Professional Development Guide (School Leaders)

This guide is tailored to empower educational leaders with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to drive positive change within their institutions. From effective communication techniques to strategic decision-making frameworks, this guide offers practical insights and actionable advice to enhance leadership effectiveness and foster a culture of excellence. Whether you are a seasoned administrator or an aspiring leader, this guide equips you with the tools and resources to navigate challenges, inspire collaboration, and promote student success.

SchoolSims Annual Report

This report will give you an overview of our organization’s achievements, initiatives, and impact throughout the year. Explore key milestones, innovative projects, and strategic advancements that have shaped our journey in empowering educators and fostering student success. From insightful case studies to inspiring success stories, this report highlights our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of educational advancement. Gain valuable insights into our collaborative efforts, transformative solutions, and vision for the future as we continue to shape the education landscape through simulation-based learning.