Data Driven Counseling

~45 minutes

As the Chair of a high school counseling department in a school resistant to change, you will lead a student performance improvement initiative. You must identify the best sources for, then collect and disaggregate available data in an effort to identify areas/practices where improvement is most needed. You must identify strategies to deal with resistance and engage others in the change process while addressing leadership’s concerns regarding time and resources. Where both district and building leadership are most interested in seeing results, you will need to address both sets of needs with your strategy. 

Key characters include:

  • Principal Perez, known for participatory leadership
  • Mrs. Jackson, a concerned single parent of three daughters at Windsor
  • Ms. Thomas, Math Department Chair
  • Ms. Wong, College and Career Readiness Coordinator at District

Trade-offs to consider:

  • Time to Collect Data vs. Time to Implement Change
  • Stakeholder Engagement vs. Time to Produce Results
  • Focus on Local Issues vs. Addressing District Concerns

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