Student Support (Transgender)

~45 minutes

As the principal of Fairlawn High School, you must address the needs of a family whose 16-year-old student is transitioning gender. You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with current laws and accommodation requirements associated with transgender students. You will also be provided a tool to assist in identifying/prioritize risks and developing mitigation strategies to ensure all student needs are met.

Key characters include engaged parents of transitioning student, a resourceful and respectful school counselor, experienced and cautious administrator
Trade-offs include:

  • Clarifying the issues for all stakeholders while ensuring security for all students
  • Promoting understanding/acceptance of gender-fluidity while protecting privacy and acknowledging uneasiness some will express
  • Addressing fears and misunderstandings of community members, in the absence of written policy guidelines
  • Managing effects of gossip when privacy is breached

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