Improving STEM Achievement

At the start of the new school year, the district’s leadership team notes a drop in enrollment due to middle and high school students leaving to attend a more progressive district nearby. A state report shows that about half of the district’s college enrollees are dropping out or failing in their first year of post-secondary […]

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Classroom Mental Health

In a middle-school class that has students with a variety of orientations, you’ll need to address rumored self-harm, slurs in the classroom, and parent concerns while considering what level of support you’ll need. Note that this simulation is designed with embedded feedback. After each of the four key scenarios, participants are prompted to consider aspects […]

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Advanced Program Dilemma

This simulation addresses issues surrounding Advanced Program participation goals and criteria. It seems that current AP participant demographics at Spalding Middle School do not mirror those of the school or community population. In this simulation, you will deal with issues including equity, self-awareness, data analysis and interpretation, communication, advocacy, and time. Your Role: New counselor […]

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Applying Effective Classroom Management

In this simulation, you will play the role of a middle school teacher who must address classroom challenges by encouraging teamwork and partnerships and building interpersonal teacher-student communication. You’ll be able to reflect on how you apply social-emotional skills to your classroom management. Key Characters: Disruptive student Counselor Homeroom teacher Parents New Teacher Coordinator Trade-offs […]

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Respect in the School Environment

In this simulation, you play the role of a middle school teacher who must address the challenges of integrating a new student into your classroom after common behavior expectations have been formed. Several scenarios in this simulation will challenge you to build and draw on a culture of respect among students and between you as […]

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Planning for Student Achievement

Assuming the role of the Counseling Chair at a medium-sized middle school (grades 6-8), your objective is to comprehend and implement processes that mitigate truancy. Throughout this simulation, various impacts resulting from absenteeism will be considered. This resource is an excellent starting point to grasp the complexities of absenteeism, foster discussions, weigh tradeoffs, and establish […]

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Star Athlete

A star player on your school’s state championship basketball team is failing your English Composition class. His eligibility for the 2nd semester rests on your decisions regarding handling what turns into an ethical situation. Download Simulation Overviews […]

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Managing Classroom Disruptions

You play the role of an English teacher striving to be effective despite a consistently disruptive student. The student has a reputation among all teachers as disruptive, but you’ve worked with him for some time now and have developed a fragile relationship based on a strong personal connection. You’re nervous about breaking this trust, but […]

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Overcoming Resistance

Stoneybrook Academy is located in an affluent suburb of a large metropolitan area. You have been in this position for the past 4 years and have worked hard to develop credibility and rapport with the faculty and staff. The school’s mission statement was updated last year. After much discussion, the following was added: “The School will prepare students to […]

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