Improving STEM Achievement

~45 minutes

At the start of the new school year, the district’s leadership team notes a drop in enrollment due to middle and high school students leaving to attend a more progressive district nearby. A state report shows that about half of the district’s college enrollees are dropping out or failing in their first year of post-secondary education. The report also shows that the students are poorly prepared in the STEM fields, given the number of remedial science and math classes they are required to take.

Your Role: Superintendent of a large metropolitan school district.

Timeframe: First few months of a new school year.

Challenge: Your leadership team and district must determine a response to a drop in enrollment due to middle and high school student migration to more progressive independent schools.

Key Characters:

  • Ms. Riley – Board Chair
  • Dr. Radcliff – Principal
  • Ms. Jackson – Principal
  • Ms. Presley – Principal
  • Mrs. James – Board Member


  • Short vs. Long Term Focus
  • Enhanced Curriculum vs. Teacher Commitment
  • Internal Solutions vs. Connection with Business Community
  • Hiring vs. Growing Dual Credit Certified Teachers

This simulation aligns with these ASCA standards:

  • BPF 2 - Demonstrate understanding of . . . research and trends in education.
  • BPF 6 - Demonstrate understanding of the impact of cultural, social and environmental influences on student success and opportunities.
  • BSS 5 - Consult to support student achievement and success.
  • BPA 5 - Assess and report program results to the school community.

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