Classroom Mental Health

~45 minutes

In a middle-school class that has students with a variety of orientations, you’ll need to address rumored self-harm, slurs in the classroom, and parent concerns while considering what level of support you’ll need.

Note that this simulation is designed with embedded feedback. After each of the four key scenarios, participants are prompted to consider aspects of the situation and their response to it.

Key Characters

  • 7th grade students
  • Parents
  • Counselor

Trade-offs to Consider

  • Urgency vs. Importance
  • Autonomy vs. Reliance
  • Self-monitoring and Monitoring classroom

Potential Topics for Discussion

  • Determining when you should continue attempting to engage a student versus allowing them to struggle on their own.
  • Creating emotional safety means an intentional focus on how to set a classroom climate.
  • While asking a specialist for support is worth pursuing, consider what you may be able to do on your own if that support is not immediately available.

CAEP Standards

  • 1 - Understanding and Addressing Each Child’s Developmental and Learning Needs
  • 3 - Assessing, Planning, and Designing Contexts for Learning
  • 5 - Developing as a Professional

InTASC Standards

  • 1 - Learner development
  • 2 - Learning differences
  • 3 - Learning environments
  • 9 - Professional learning and ethical practice

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