Student Perspective: Leadership Challenge – Cheating

~45 minutes

You are a high school student. The simulation focuses on your interactions with two of your close friends, Catarina and Joe. How will you address Joe's request for "help" in before he takes a test he hasn't studied for?

Note that while this simulation is from the perspective of a student, it is designed to enable teachers and administrators an opportunity to reorient their point of view to engage with challenges faced by students.

Your Role: High School Student
Timeframe: Several weeks in the first semester.
Challenge: Consider a friend’s request for “help” in preparing for a test.

Key Characters:

  • Joe – a close friend
  • Catarina – a close friend

Trade-offs to consider:

  • Providing assistance in the moment vs. a sustainable solution.
  • Getting an adult involved early in a situation vs. waiting until some time has passed.
  • How to be courageous in dealing with difficult issues while at the same time demonstrating good judgement.

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