TeacherSims for Current & Aspiring Teachers

Teachers choose to be teachers to make a difference. They want their students to feel safe and supported in their classroom and they want them to achieve success. Teachers face a unique challenge in that the definition of success for each student can be markedly different.

SchoolSims has simulation topics that align with CAEP and InTASC such as those below to improve the efficacy of your teacher professional development program:

  • Classroom management
  • Diversity
  • Special education
  • IEPs
  • Student in crisis
  • Instruction
  • Parent conferences
  • Challenging conversations

Schools need capable, visionary teachers to create multiple paths to academic achievement. That IS as hard as it sounds and requires targeted professional development that includes opportunities to practice different strategies and approaches. One way to provide that practice is by including the use of the SchoolSims Simulation Library in your teacher development program. SchoolSims provides an opportunity for teachers to gain virtual experience dealing with situations before encountering those same issues in real-life. Simulations allow participants to withstand trying situations, make decisions, and face the consequences of those decisions – all within the same session. Making a wrong decision and experiencing the outcome in a safe environment prepares teachers to make the right decision when it truly matters.

Our simulations can be deployed in-person or virtually in facilitated group sessions where the participants can collectively decide on a course of action.   Simulations can also be assigned and viewed asynchronously as part of an individual’s personal professional development plan. Either way, SchoolSims provides a risk-free environment where participants have an opportunity to practice critical thinking and decision-making to prepare for real-life challenges.