TeacherSims for Current Teachers

We are happy to kick off this new school year with our next webinar event, featuring our first TeacherSims title, Building Inclusive Classrooms: Defending Challenged Books! This simulation follows a group of parents who approach the administration to complain about using a controversial book available to students of all ages. You, as an elementary school teacher, with this book part of your curriculum much navigate this situation. SchoolSims created this simulation in partnership with Dr. Gretchen McAllister, Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning at Northern Arizona University, and Dr. Hoda Harati, Instructor, Educational Technology at Northern Arizona University. Dr. McAllister and Dr. Harati will be our hosts for this event.

Building Inclusive Classrooms: Defending Challenged Books

Hosted by: Dr. Gretchen McAllister, Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning at Northern Arizona University, and Dr. Hoda Harati, Instructor, Educational Technology at Northern Arizona University

When: Thursday, September 23rd at 3:00 PM EST

Teachers choose to be teachers to make a difference. They want their students to feel safe and supported in their classroom, and they want them to achieve success. Teachers face a unique challenge in that the definition of success for each student can be markedly different.

To develop different paths to academic achievement, schools require talented, visionary teachers. That IS as difficult as it sounds, and it necessitates targeted professional development that includes opportunities to put various tactics and approaches to the test. Including the SchoolSims Simulation Library in your teacher development program is one method to provide that practice. Teachers can use SchoolSims to obtain virtual experience dealing with scenarios before dealing with the same real-life issues. Simulations allow participants to encounter difficult situations, make decisions, and deal with the consequences of their actions all in one session. Making a less-than-ideal decision and seeing the consequences in a safe atmosphere helps teachers make the best option when it counts.

Our simulations can be used in person or digitally in moderated group sessions where participants can choose a course of action together. As part of an individual's personal, professional development plan, simulations can also be assigned and viewed asynchronously. In either case, SchoolSims provides a risk-free environment where participants can practice critical thinking and decision-making to prepare for real-world challenges.

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To improve the efficacy of your teacher professional development program, SchoolSims includes simulation subjects that correspond with CAEP and InTASC, such as those listed below:

  • Classroom management
  • Diversity
  • Special education
  • IEPs
  • Student in crisis
  • Instruction
  • Parent conferences
  • Challenging conversations



InTASC Standards and SchoolSims



Why Simulations for Teachers?

Many teachers have a natural curiosity for what happens when the principal’s door is closed. Teachers who experience SchoolSims tend to come away with a broader perspective of what happens at the building-level, promoting a more positive culture and climate.

How Much Does it Cost?

We have various packages that range between $25-50 per teacher. 

Who Should Use It?

SchoolSims simulations are an excellent resource for current teachers in a K12 school.

How Do I Get Trained? 

SchoolSims will provide training on our simulation library, how and when to use the simulations, and a one-hour session on how to facilitate simulations with Dr. David De Jong, the Chair of Educational Leadership at the University of South Dakota.