Building Inclusive Classrooms: Defending Challenged Books

~45 minutes

Sample the Simulation

In this simulation for aspiring and current teachers, a parent contacts you regarding a book report on 'George' by Alex Gino. One of the students in the class chose this book for their book report. You have been conducting a year-long focus on reading by having students put up book commercials.

Your Role: 6th-grade teacher

Timeframe: A couple days at the school

Challenge: Navigating the use of books that focuses on LGBTQIA IDENTITY

Trade-offs to consider:

  • Addressing parent concerns while also addressing needs of students
  • Trying to figure out what message will be sent if book not allowed for students, versus concerns of parents
  • Dealing with the administration and school board while helping students advocate for their interests.

CAEP Standards: 1 - Understanding and Addressing Each Child’s Developmental and Learning Needs, 3 - Assessing, Planning, and Designing Contexts for Learning, 5 - Developing as a Professional

inTASC Standards: 1 - Learner development, 2 - Learning differences, 3 - Learning environments

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