Simulations for Associations
Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities for Your Members Using SchoolSims Simulations

Why Simulations for Associations?

Below, you can read more about why organizations across the country are relying on simulations for their professional development.

Why is SchoolSims the best tool for organizations?

Current and aspiring leaders require leadership experience, and SchoolSims helps to manufacture relevant experiences that help current and future school leaders appreciate the complexities of these responsibilities. Our simulations can be used during synchronous sessions, including mentorship programs, in-person or virtual, and asynchronously.

How is the SchoolSims Simulation Library developed?

Each simulation is developed in partnership with a school district, college/university, or school support entity. We ensure that the topics covered by the SchoolSims Simulation Library relate to many of the issues facing the schools of your enrolled students. We add 5-7 new simulations each year and refresh existing simulations to stay current. By incorporating simulations into your existing curriculum – either facilitated in groups or deployed asynchronously – participants gain practice and begin to develop the essential muscle memory to make the best decisions in real life.

How does the SchoolSims Library align with NELP and PSEL Professional Standards?

SchoolSims simulations are designed to align with PSEL (Professional Standards for Educational) standards. Because simulations immerse participants in school-based scenarios like those that occur in real-life, they provide an opportunity to practice evaluating context and applying the appropriate standards in a risk-free environment.

SchoolSims NELP Standards AlignmentPSEL alignment

How do I use SchoolSims?

SchoolSims will help you select the appropriate titles for your organization’s programs and professional development. You can then utilize the simulations synchronously, asynchronously, or in a blended fashion. 

See our best practices here.

How do I get trained?

SchoolSims will provide training on our simulation library, how and when to use the simulations, and a one-hour session on facilitating simulations with Dr. David De Jong, the Chair of Educational Leadership at the University of South Dakota.

How much does it cost?

SchoolSims pricing is based on the number of participants in the cohort that will utilize the simulations. Request a quote here.

Watch How NHSAA Utilizes SchoolSims Simulations During Their Professional Development Meetings

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