Simulations Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities for Current and Aspiring Leaders

When confronted with challenging situations, leaders sift through their past experiences searching for relevant instances from which to draw knowledge. But what happens when that search comes up empty? SchoolSims provide on-the-job practice for a wide range of situations facing educational leaders today by filling gaps in their Experience Portfolio through virtual participation in immersive, story-driven scenarios.

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See What Our Users Say
Dr. Reginald Pierre -Jerome Leadership Coordinator, The School District of Broward County

“Newly appointed assistant principals are exposed to simulations at our monthly cohort sessions to get ‘real-life’ experience in situations that are taking place in schools across the country. The simulations provide a safe space to practice decision-making and apply what is being taught in instructional sessions to develop the skills to be an effective leader.” 

Dr. David De Jong - Chair of Ed Leadership, University of South Dakota and ICPEL President

“I have included SchoolSims educational simulations to support graduate instruction in several different principal and superintendent preparation programs. School leaders were surveyed after participating in four or more educational simulations. We found an unanimously positive perception from participants regarding their preparedness for leadership. Overall, the school leaders reported increased confidence to handle real-life situations after engaging in the simulations and a deeper perspective to think critically about issues they will be presented with in the field.”  

Listen to The Group Project Podcast with Dr. Jared Smith to hear Dr. De Jong speak more about the power that simulations bring to ed leadership programs. 

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