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SIMS for Higher Ed Programs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering free access to our simulations for Educational Leadership Development Programs for the current semester. Click here to sign up.

The most effective Educational Leadership Development Programs provide students with the conceptual tools and professional preparation to become accomplished school leaders.  Successful, capable leaders must develop the critical problem-solving skills necessary to positively influence the educational practice in their classrooms and to manage the diverse demands of the overall communities in which they serve.

Our simulations can be deployed within your current curriculum to provide practice to these aspiring leaders to inform their decision making with virtual, situational, experience.  Developed with and by school districts throughout the United States, the topics covered by SchoolSims’ Simulation Library relate to many of the issues facing the schools or school districts of your enrolled students and by incorporating simulations into your existing curriculum – either facilitated in groups or deployed asynchronously – participants gain practice and begin to develop the essential muscle memory to make the best decisions in real-life.

SchoolSims provides a risk-free environment through software simulations where participants have an opportunity to fail as they face difficult situations. Please contact SchoolSims if you would like to discuss the topics covered in our simulation library.  We would be happy to work with you to determine which of our specific simulations would best map to the coursework within your syllabi.  Simulations work with both in-person instruction and online programs and come with a Best Practices User Guide.