Cultural Competency

~45 minutes

Sample the Simulation

This simulation places you, a month into your new position as principal of Waterside School, in a district experiencing significant shifts in demographics, which in turn leads to challenges balancing needs and perspectives of long-time residents with those of newcomers. The district has a stated commitment to “Create High-Quality Learning Experiences that Meet the Needs of Each Child.” Your job is to uncover specific needs, and resolve discrepancies in the treatment of students, wherever they may exist.

Key characters include a concerned parent of an honors student, active parent of an average student, well-established and popular teacher, results-oriented superintendent
Trade-offs to consider:

  • Balancing needs and desires of long-time residents with those of newcomers
  • Uncovering specific needs, and resolving discrepancies in treatment of students
  • Addressing biases and counterproductive habits of entrenched faculty

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Created in partnership with Gwinnett County School District