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Leveraging the CARES Act for Quality PD

June 2, 2020

By: Susan Gentz

Now more than ever, schools need capable, visionary administrators to lead increasingly diverse schools in our ever-changing, ever-challenging world. School and school district leaders have extraordinary responsibilities to satisfy multiple and distinct stakeholders while they constantly face new challenges. One way to be prepared for those challenges is by incorporating the use of the SchoolSims Simulation Library into your professional development program. SchoolSims simulations provide an opportunity for current and aspiring school leaders to gain virtual experience dealing with situations before facing those same issues in real-life.

The new era of, at a minimum, blended learning requires visionary leadership more than ever. SchoolSims is equipped and ready to serve districts by providing personalized virtual professional development – and the stimulus funds & waivers provide both funding and flexibility for your district to participate in high-quality PD to truly prepare your educators for this new normal.

Learn more about how to leverage these resources to ensure your leaders and leadership pipeline only grow stronger in challenging times from our expert partners at K20Connect –specifically how to provide high-quality professional development opportunities to your current and aspiring school leaders through the CARES Act and waivers. Click here to learn more