Using the SchoolSims Portal

In this video, you will see how to navigate and use the SchoolSims Portal. 


The SchoolSims Portal allows you to facilitate a simulation, distribute simulations, and access analytics about simulation usage at your organization.

SchoolSims provides a powerful and affordable way to deliver highly effective leadership training. Current and aspiring school leaders are offered a chance to experience real-life scenarios that depict true events but in a simulated setting. Since there aren’t always right or wrong answers when it comes to human behavior, experimentation is encouraged within the simulation as there is no way to fail. Participants practice critical thinking and are encouraged to discuss the reasons behind their choices which allows for peer-to-peer learning. Watch this simulation to learn more about the efficacy of simulated learning for K-12 leaders, click here.

SchoolSims should be a part of every principal/leader professional development/retention program in the country.  No other modality can deliver what our simulations can from the perspective of collaboration and scalability when it comes to providing sitting leaders an opportunity to practice judgment, gain confidence, and establish authentic connections with their peers.