Upcoming Simulations

Civic Engagement

Created in partnership with: Riverside County

Take on the role of a high school student who is presented with opportunities to actively engage with situations in the course of their school day. Your choices can influence other students, teachers, and administrators in relation to a positive school culture and equitable distribution of resources.

Planning for Student Achievement

Created in partnership with: University of Indianapolis

Dealing with a significant problem with truancy/absenteeism, this scenario focuses on the tradeoffs between sustainable long-term comprehensive solutions and the accompanying need for immediate results. You’ll also need to consider initiatives that focus on individuals and on the school-community.

Supporting Student Identities

Created in partnership with: Northern Arizona University

When one elementary student is disrespectful toward a classmate in a way that disrespects a vital symbol of her identity, you are given the opportunity to manage the situation and the aftermath in the role of their teacher.

Equity-Centered Leadership

Created in partnership with: Learning Forward

As a middle school principal, you are trying to understand root causes of and implement processes to address declining academic performance in your growing population of students of color. You will deal with perceptions and biases that tend to cause students of color to feel disenfranchised.

Managing Classroom Disruptions

Created in partnership with: Kern County

In the role of a high school teacher, you are challenged by a student’s outrageous behavior. If you are successful in managing an incident with this student, you will have supported the current class climate, which promotes maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment.

Respect in the Classroom

Created in partnership with: West Alabama University

As an elementary school teacher, you welcome a new student into your class. How you enlist the assistance of other students can ease the process or throw your whole morning off. Your choices can nurture or detract from the shared value of respect across the classroom community.

Improving STEM Achievement

Created in partnership with: University of Indianapolis

When you started as Superintendent, you recognized the popularity of STEM and converted all of the art teachers into STEM teachers. You felt strongly that art teachers know how to inculcate the creative spirit into students. However, the art teachers and some principals are not too happy lately.

Parent-Teacher Conference

District and Independent School Versions

In this simulation you take the role of a middle school teacher as you move through a conference and its aftermath with the parent of one of your students. While you may try to keep the focus on the student, the parent wants to keep the focus on you.

Overcoming Resistance

District and Independent School Versions

As a school leader in this simulation, you will manage consensus and commitment to changes in a group of faculty with diverse perspectives and beliefs. You will be called upon to manage group members that are very resistant to change in the implementation of a STEM Program.

Social Media

District and Independent School Versions

In this simulation you encounter an under-age drinking situation where you may need to involve the police. Your response can trigger anger and mistrust among parents and faculty. How will you navigate morality and accountability in this scenario?