Simulations for Higher Education
Ed Leadership Programs

Provide experiential learning opportunities for your educational leadership students using LeaderSims.

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Teacher Candidates

Prepare teacher candidates for challenging situations such as having difficult conversations, parent-teacher conferences, IEP’s, challenged books and more using TeacherSims.

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Aspiring School Counselors

Build experience for aspiring counselors in dealing with bullying, student performance, school safety, and more using CounselorSims.

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Preview the Experiential Learning Topics in the SchoolSims Library

The most effective Higher Education Programs provide students with the conceptual tools and professional preparation to become accomplished school leaders and teachers. Successful, capable leaders must develop the critical problem-solving skills necessary to positively influence their classrooms’ educational practice and manage the diverse demands of the overall communities in which they serve.

Our simulations can be deployed within your current curriculum to provide practice to these aspiring leaders and teachers to inform their decision-making with interactive artificial intelligence. Developed with school districts and universities throughout the United States, the topics covered by the SchoolSims Simulation Library relate to many of the issues facing the districts of your enrolled students. By incorporating simulations into your existing curriculum – either facilitated in groups or deployed asynchronously – participants gain practice and begin to develop the essential muscle memory to make the best decisions in real life.

FAQ - Why Simulations for Higher Education?

Below, you can read more about why higher education programs across the country are relying on simulations for their curriculum.

Why is SchoolSims the best tool for Higher Education?

Aspiring leaders and teacher candidates require experience, and SchoolSims helps to manufacture relevant experiences that help current and aspiring school leaders and teachers appreciate the complexities of these responsibilities. Our simulations can be used during synchronous sessions, including mentorship programs, in-person or virtual, and asynchronously.

What Is A Simulation?

A simulation places your student in the role of a school leader, teacher, or counselor, where you will have to navigate the many challenges that you are faced in this role on a daily basis. For example, our Disruptive Teacher simulation places you in the role of a school leader, where you must navigate issues with a teacher not being a team player. In a choose-your-own-adventure using artificial intelligence to direct you down the appropriate path based on your choice selection, you will decide the best course of action, implement it, and experience the consequences, all within the same exercise.

How does the SchoolSims Library align with NELP and PSEL Professional Standards?

SchoolSims simulations are designed to align with PSEL (Professional Standards for Educational) standards. Because simulations immerse participants in school-based scenarios like those that occur in real-life, they provide an opportunity to practice evaluating context and applying the appropriate standards in a risk-free environment.

SchoolSims NELP Standards AlignmentPSEL alignment

How do I use SchoolSims?

SchoolSims will help you select the appropriate titles for your courses. You can then utilize the simulations synchronously, asynchronously, or in a blended fashion. 

See our best practices here.

How much does it cost?

SchoolSims pricing is based on the number of participants in the cohort that will utilize the simulations.

  • Program or participant pay options are available.
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Simulation Categories
  • Equity-focused
  • Social Emotional Issue
  • Difficult Conversation Focused
  • Instructional & Operations Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Student Safety & Security
  • Counseling
What Students Say About Our Simulations

“The simulations were an excellent tool to practice the competencies that I will use as an administrator. They were also the most helpful in preparing for behavioral interview questions that provide a scenario. As a result of the simulations, I am able to explain exactly what steps I would take to resolve a situation.”

“I personally found the simulations quite helpful in making me think outside the box. I think they also confirmed what I thought were some strengths that would help me become a better leader but also exposed some weakness areas that I will continue to grow and work on.”

“I did not know what to anticipate with the simulations before this course. I found them to be incredibly beneficial. They provided real world insight on how to respond to complex situations. I enjoyed when we completed the simulation together in class as well.  This allowed us to bounce ideas off of each other with the direction of the professor. I am glad that I had the opportunity to test out some of these situations prior to handling them in a real administrative role. I learned a lot of applicable lessons through these simulations.”

“I really enjoyed the simulations. I felt that they provided us with real-life situations that leaders need to address on a day-to-day basis. The feedback was helpful information to keep in our tool kit when moving into leadership roles.”

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