Special Education: Annual Case Review

~45 minutes

In this simulation, you are confronted with a volatile parent situation brought on by past parent and teacher relations. The angry parent of a 5th grader presents you with a challenge to meet the needs of their special education student. Your understanding of the issues, federal requirements, and way of communicating with staff and parents will impact the success of your initiatives.

Key Characters Include:

  • Special Education Teacher of Record: Ms. Pati; licensed mild disabilities special education teacher new to the school.
  • General Education (5th grade) Teacher: Ms. Murphy; concerned with Zoey’s placement in her classroom and ability to succeed given the demands of the academic content.
  • Parent: Mrs. Scott, Parent of Zoey, a 5th-grade student receiving SPED services under eligibility categories Mild Intellectual Disability and Speech Impairment.
  • Instructional Strategist: Mr. Qwik; in charge of the school's MTSS team.
  • Speech Therapist: Ms. Wild; licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.

Trade-Offs To Consider:

  • Resource constraints vs. Parental needs
  • Addressing parent concerns vs. Cost and Time Constraints
  •  Supporting staff implementation demands vs. Cost Constraints

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Created in partnership with the University of Central Florida