Building Inclusive Classrooms: Positive Learning Environment

~45 minutes

Are you ready to face the challenge of continuing to build a positive classroom culture while working with an unengaged learner, and while addressing student behaviors outside of classroom norms? In this simulation, you are a 6th-grade teacher and notice one of your students arrive who is usually energetic and cheerful, but who seems down and disengaged today, and then disruptive. How will you engage him? After working through scenarios with him, on the next day, one of your students makes fun of another in a very public way. How will your address it?

Key Characters include Eric, Ashley, and Shania; all your 6th-graders. 

Trade-Offs to Consider:

  • How can you manage disruptions to classroom trust while making timely
  • When to be flexible and when to be consistent?
  • How can you draw on your own experiences in dialoguing with students
    around classroom culture?

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Created in partnership with Teach For America