End of School Year

~45 minutes

As a first-year principal of an elementary school wrapping up the school year, you are responsible for building and staffing a plan to improve academic achievement in the coming year. In this simulation, you will encounter stakeholders in the plan whose needs vary and must be considered fairly. As a tool for practicing school leadership and decision-making, you will first reflect on your own core values. Through the simulation, you will receive feedback on how your choices influence degrees of stress and buy-in at your school.

Key characters include a parent of a 5th-grader at risk of retention, precocious 4th-grader and informant, veteran math teacher, new well-trained teacher, veteran teacher and union representative
Trade-offs to consider:

  • Handling the many, various, sometimes conflicting, interests of stakeholders fairly and transparently in your planning, while also adhering to deadlines
  • Weighing decisions as they may affect degrees of stress and buy-in at your school inversely

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Created in partnership with NYCDOE