Disruptive Teacher

~45 minutes

Sample the Simulation 

This simulation is based around a collaborative teaching team. There is one teacher on the team, newer to the school but a mid-career teacher, who is “not a team player.” The simulation begins with another teacher on the team coming to the school leader and expressing concern over the way the disruptive teacher is behaving. The school leader ultimately ends up at a team meeting and witnesses behavior that is inappropriate and over-the-top. The simulation goals relate to school culture and climate, conflict management, and responding to teacher concerns.

Key characters include a special education teacher, 6th-grade teacher, 6th-grade teacher, special education teacher

Trade-offs to consider:

  • Addressing conflict and risking loss of experienced teachers
  • Avoiding conflict and risking loss of experienced teachers
  • Insisting on behavioral changes, possibly without getting to the root causes
  • Exploring root causes of bad behavior, possibly without affecting change

Download Simulation Overviews

Created in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania