Dealing with the Aftermath of a Disciplinary Event

~45 minutes

How would you navigate your relationships with various constituents and the reactions to inappropriate student behavior connected to a school-sanctioned event? In this simulation, you are the Head of School at the Harkness Academy and are forced to navigate leadership decisions that impact board members, students, senior leadership, and others after a prominent student commits a post-prom prank. This simulation can help improve decision-making skills and judgment by allowing you to experience difficult decisions with imperfect options, which lead to consequences you must manage during this real-world scenario. This exact scenario may not happen at your school; however, it will provide an opportunity to practice and reflect on the factors that influence your decision-making in a safe space for when similar situations do occur.

Key characters:

  • Dr. Carol Jackson, Upper School Head
  • Philip Ontero, Dean of Students
  • Felice Martin, concerned parent and Board of Trustees member
  • Sandy Walters, Board Chair

Trade-offs to consider:

  • Responding locally vs. district level
  • Managing stakeholders vs. taking direct action
  • Enforcing protocols/guidelines vs. managing key relationships

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