Building Inclusive Classrooms: Affirming Diverse Families

~45 Minutes

In this simulation, you have a reading project where your 3rd graders make 30-second commercials to encourage pairs to read their book. This week one of the posted commercials on the class website included the book And Tango Makes Three which focuses on 2 same-sex penguins and a baby given to them by a zookeeper. One parent was not happy about the topic.

Key Characters include Sarah, one of your 3rd-grade students who put up the video about And Tango Makes Three, Keith, one of your 3rd graders, Angela, parent of Sarah, Kate, parent of Keith, and Lauren, the school librarian.

Trade-Offs to Consider:

  • How to support a curriculum that teaches diversity of families, while
    supporting the individual desires of families?
  • How to support students’ interest in the curriculum while considering
    school policies?
  • How can you build allyship among families and colleagues while respecting

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