Today is Your Day to Grow as a Teacher

Are you ready to accelerate your time to become a strong teacher by manufacturing the experiences that you typically can only learn from when they happen? Now you can simulate these real-life experiences on your own time, no matter where you are.

TeacherSims provides a risk-free environment through software simulations where participants have an opportunity to learn AND fail as they face difficult situations. Our simulations, which allow you to choose your own “adventure,” essentially accelerate time, allowing participants to decide on a course of action, implement it, and experience its consequences, all within the same exercise.

TeacherSims are the Best Tool for Teachers

Teachers have a natural curiosity for what happens when the principal’s door is closed. Teachers who experience simulations tend to come away with a broader perspective of what happens at the building-level, promoting a more positive culture and climate.

TeacherSims are aligned with Professional Standards

To improve the efficacy of your teacher professional development program, SchoolSims includes simulation subjects that correspond with CAEP and InTASC, such as those listed below:

  • Classroom management
  • Diversity
  • Special education
  • IEPs
  • Student in crisis
  • Instruction
  • Parent conferences
  • Challenging conversations
TeacherSims provides for an asynchronous learning experience for both current and aspiring teachers

When TeacherSims are used asynchronously, the aspiring, novice, or experienced teachers feel more freedom to repeat the simulation three or even four times to try new decisions and learn from decisions they may not ever choose in real life. Play the simulation in different ways, even making the worst decisions so that you can experience the consequences that result from making mistakes.

TeacherSims develop your skills and offers the opportunity to learn something new

Being able to choose options that are not ideal and working to recover from them is critical. There is rarely a perfect option in real-life and our simulations are built with that in mind. How can you please all stakeholders when they have such different agendas?

TeacherSims Accelerate Time

Simulations enable participants to gain experience dealing with authentic challenges before actual situations occur, thus accelerating your development time as you choose when to experience a challenging situation and how to handle it. By playing simulations multiple times, learners can try different routes and realize the consequences of each choice so they can draw on that knowledge when faced with similar issues in real life.

Get Started Today for Only $75

With the purchase of TeacherSims, you receive access to 5 different simulations of your choice that can be used on your time, anywhere you go. By clicking below you will be sent a link to pay $75 by credit card, after which you will get immediate access to our TeacherSims Portal. 

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