Providing current and aspiring school counselors with simulations for manufacturing experiences will allow them to practice dealing with challenging scenarios in a safe space and strive to implement comprehensive, developmental programming addressing student needs. School counselors understand that students should equally demonstrate growth in their career, academic, and social/emotional domains to succeed. Simulations can be used synchronously, asynchronously, or both. Simulations are proven to improve judgment and decision-making so that school counselors are ready for the challenges of the job. It is essential in the field to have open conversations and provide guidance and support to the current and aspiring leaders of the counseling profession. School counselors are leaders, advocates, collaborators, and educators – roles that often intertwine and coincide. Download CounselorSims Overviews

Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities for School Counselors Using SchoolSims

FAQ - Why Simulations for School Counselors?

Below, you can read more about why current and aspiring school counselors across the country are relying on simulations for their professional development.

How Is the SchoolSims Library Developed?

Each simulation is developed in partnership with a school district, college/university, or school support entity. We ensure that the topics covered by the SchoolSims’ Simulation Library relate to many of the issues facing the schools of your enrolled students. We add 5-7 new simulations each year and also refresh existing simulations so that they stay current. By incorporating simulations into your existing curriculum – either facilitated in groups or deployed asynchronously – participants gain practice and begin to develop the essential muscle memory to make the best decisions in real life.

Who Should Use It?

SchoolSims simulations are an excellent resource for current and aspiring counselors, whether already in a K-12 school or as part of a higher education program for aspiring counselors. Whether it’s for career development, or to increase job opportunities, the need for continuing education is a very real demand every counseling professional faces. It is especially important in the field to have open conversations and provide guidance and support to the current and aspiring leaders of the counseling profession.

What Titles Are Included in Counselor Simulations?

Our counselor simulation titles include:

  • Comprehensive Role of School Counselors
  • Data-Driven Counseling
  • School Saftey
  • Leading a Virtual School Counseling Program
  • Student Support (Transgender)
  • Middle School Budget Challenge
  • Student in Crisis

You can preview our entire simulation library here.

How Do I Get Trained? 

SchoolSims will provide training on our simulation library, how and when to use the simulations, and a one-hour session on how to facilitate simulations with Dr. David De Jong, the Chair of Educational Leadership at the University of South Dakota. You are guaranteed to become a simulation expert in only a few short training sessions.

How Much Does it Cost?

We have various packages that range from different price points. We want to ensure that you get the correct package that you can take the most significant advantage of. We would be delighted to hear more about what you are looking for; click here to request pricing.

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