Supporting Teachers’ Wellbeing Through the Use of Technology

December 1, 2021

By Dr. Patrese A. Mason

As an educational leader for the past twenty years, I have witnessed first-hand that a focus on the nourishment of teachers’ personal and professional development increases the quality of their instruction. Teachers have been asked to navigate what is arguably one of the most difficult times in the history of the teaching profession. Before the pandemic, the roles and responsibilities of a teacher were already no easy feat. Long hours, large classrooms, and sometimes unrealistic expectations have long-plagued this profession. Since the pandemic, however, distance learning has added to the increased feeling of frustration and anxiety.

Still, teachers have continued to bounce back. Day in and day out, they continue to teach, regardless of the continued stress and sometimes, a lack of support. What happens when it all gets to be too much? Research suggests that teacher burnout is at an all-time high, with teachers leaving the profession at rates anywhere from 17-44%. 

Teachers are often left to face major roadblocks, such as challenging learning needs, high-stakes testing, and an ever-evolving curriculum alone. Effective administrators have this concern at the hem of their agenda, but what is there to do? 

According to a 2018 study, 85 percent of teachers reported that work-life imbalance affected their ability to teach (Moeller, et. al., 2018). However, teachers who utilize decision-making software during stressful times might find themselves feeling more motivated about their work. As the CEO of an educational consultancy, coaching, and speaking firm, I have the opportunity to partner with the nationally recognized SchoolSims. I witness how their risk-free simulations result in building team capacity by increasing connections, increasing positive emotions, and receiving immediate feedback. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Teachers will find stronger connections with their co-workers and students.
  • Teachers who work in a school where they feel more connected to their colleagues tend to experience more support and less stress.
  • Teachers are then more likely to have better quality relationships with their students, thus building a more engaged learning community. 
  • Teachers experience joy and a renewed curiosity in learning. 
  • They are more likely to experience higher levels of motivation to continue their chosen profession. 
  • Immediate engagement and feedback improve professional growth.
  • Teachers are able to connect learning to the reflection of their experience.
  • Teachers are granted time to think, engage, and receive real-time feedback. 


This incredible software uses simulated experiences from teachers and administrators across the country to provide state-of-the-art training. Participants can choose the simulations that fit best with their needs, allowing them to decide on actions and implementation plans. Based on data collected from teachers who have experienced similar situations to the simulation, teachers going through the software will experience the consequences and outcomes of their decisions and implementation to make adjustments and better serve their students.


Being a teacher is a complex and challenging role. Providing teachers with the tools and technology they need to demystify the profession and move forward with more confidence and motivation is key to teacher and student success. 



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Dr. Patrese A. Mason,

The Superintendents’ Chief ConsultantTM

Dr. Mason is the creator of 5DMASONMODELTM, the Balanced & Brave CEOTM academy, and CEO of an educational consultancy, coaching, and international speaking firm. Learn more at






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