Simulation Workshop (December ’22)

December 9, 2022

In this webinar, Dave Versteeg, former superintendent, and Ken Spero, SchoolSims president, and founder, facilitate a collaborative session where educators from around the country assist in building the framework of a simulation together based on the most voted-on problem of practice, Implementation of a School-Wide Decision and Learning Loss.

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Interested in Playing the Simulation Built in the Workshop?

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will send you weekly updates on the progress of the simulation.

How Does Our Simulation Workshop Work?

When registering for the webinar, you will vote on three practice problems that may affect your school. The most voted-on problem of practice will be the baseline for the story of the simulation.

You then will collaborate with peers to build out different decision points, possible scenarios that could take place, and more! Following the webinar, we will send you an alpha link to the simulation you helped build. The simulation will be created initially without media but will be fully playable based on our discussions during the workshop. We will keep you updated on when we will add media to the simulation, and you will have free access to the simulation so you can play through it at any time.

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SchoolSims participants are afforded opportunities to work through authentic school-based issues and practice decision-making to improve learning and retention. By expanding their experience portfolio, aspiring and sitting school leaders and teachers build resilience and extend their capacity to prepare them for real-life challenges.

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SchoolSims provides a powerful and affordable way to deliver highly effective training for school leaders and teachers. Current and aspiring leaders and teachers are offered a chance to experience real-life scenarios that depict true events but in a simulated setting. Since there aren’t always right or wrong answers when it comes to human behavior, experimentation is encouraged within the simulation, as there is no way to fail. Participants practice critical thinking and are encouraged to discuss the reasons behind their choices, allowing for peer-to-peer learning.