Dealing With a Disruptive Teacher

June 20, 2023

In this co-hosted webinar with ICPEL, Dr. David De Jong, Dean of the College of Education at Dakota State University, facilitates our Disruptive Teacher simulation.

During this webinar, you will join peers across the country as you take on the role of a school leader. In this simulation, based around a collaborative teaching team, there is one teacher on the team, newer to the school but a mid-career teacher, who is “not a team player.” The simulation begins with another teacher on the team coming to the school leader and expressing concern over the way the disruptive teacher is behaving. The school leader ultimately ends up at a team meeting and witnesses behavior that is inappropriate and over-the-top. The simulation goals relate to school culture and climate, conflict management, and responding to teacher concerns.

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SchoolSims provides a powerful and affordable way to deliver highly effective training for school leaders and teachers. Current and aspiring leaders and teachers are offered a chance to experience real-life scenarios that depict true events but in a simulated setting. Since there aren’t always right or wrong answers when it comes to human behavior, experimentation is encouraged within the simulation as there is no way to fail. Participants practice critical thinking and are encouraged to discuss the reasons behind their choices which allows for peer-to-peer learning.