School Budget Challenges Professional Development Simulated Session

June 11, 2020

We held a remote professional development session focused on School Budget Challenges. The session was hosted by Dr. David De Jong, Professor in the Division of Education Leadership at the University of South Dakota. Current and aspiring school leaders from around the country participated. At each decision point, we created breakout rooms to determine a consensus course of action. Upon returning to the larger group, the risks and potential outcomes of the various options and the reason for each group’s decision will be discussed.

PSEL Standards Covered Include: Mission, Vision & Core Values; Equity & Cultural Responsiveness; Professional Capacity of School Personnel; School Improvement

NELP Standards Covered Include: Mission, Vision, and Improvement; Ethics and Professional Norms; Equity, Inclusiveness, and Cultural Responsiveness; Learning and Instruction (4.2, 4.3); Community and External Leadership; Operations and Management; Building Professional Capacity (7.2, 7.3, 7.4)

When confronted with challenging situations, school leaders sift through their past experiences searching for relevant instances from which to draw knowledge. If learning from your mistakes is the best way to experience growth, how do we provide these learning experiences to current and aspiring leaders?

At SchoolSims, we have created the solution by providing manufactured experiences through online, software simulations that assist in growing current and aspiring school leaders. Simulations can be facilitated in-person or through any online meeting service. When gathering in groups is discouraged or not possible, online simulation training can be safely and effectively deployed.