Webinar Event: Dealing with the Aftermath of a Disciplinary Event at an Independent School

November 5, 2021

Whether you are the head of school or a lead administrator, dealing with the aftermath of a disciplinary event can be challenging. How can you navigate the safety and expectations of students, faculty/staff, parents, and your board?


Stakeholder management is one of the most complex parts of being the head of a school. Satisfying the needs of one constituency can often create issues with another. In this webinar, Chris Hancock, Head of the Benchmark School, will facilitate our newest independent school simulation, Post Prom Prank.

In this simulation, you are the Head of School at the Harkness Academy and you are forced to navigate leadership decisions that impact board members, students, senior leadership, and others after a prominent student commits a post-prom prank. This simulation can help improve decision-making skills and judgment by allowing you to experience difficult decisions with imperfect options, which lead to consequences that you must manage during this real-world scenario. This exact scenario may not happen at your school; however, it will provide an opportunity to practice and to reflect on the factors that influence your decision-making in a safe space for when similar situations do occur.


SchoolSims Live Demonstration




Chris Hancock is the Head of Benchmark School in Media, PA. Prior to this role, Chris spent nearly two decades serving K-12 special education, Waldorf education, gifted education, and boarding schools in a variety of roles from assistant head of school, director of development, admissions officer, coach, academic advisor, and mentor. His journey through these roles has informed his published articles on crisis leadership in an independent school and current research on factors that influence the head of school’s professional judgment.

Chris holds a BA in Economics from Haverford College and an EdM in School Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s Mid-Career Program.

SchoolSims participants are afforded opportunities to work through authentic school-based issues and practice decision-making to improve learning and retention. By expanding their experience portfolio, aspiring and sitting school leaders and teachers build resilience and extend capacity to prepare them for real-life challenges.

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SchoolSims provides a powerful and affordable way to deliver highly effective training for school leaders and teachers. Current and aspiring leaders and teachers are offered a chance to experience real-life scenarios that depict true events but in a simulated setting. Since there aren’t always right or wrong answers when it comes to human behavior, experimentation is encouraged within the simulation as there is no way to fail. Participants practice critical thinking and are encouraged to discuss the reasons behind their choices which allows for peer-to-peer learning.