Navigating the Politics of Equity-Based Budgeting

April 30, 2020

In this webinar, Dr. David De Jong uses our Navigating the Politics of Equity-Based Budgeting simulation to demonstrate how to facilitate a simulation in a remote manner using tools such as Zoom and Go to Webinar, including using breakout rooms for small group work.

When confronted with challenging situations, school leaders sift through their past experiences searching for relevant instances from which to draw knowledge. If learning from your mistakes is the best way to experience growth, how do we provide these learning experiences to current and aspiring leaders?

At SchoolSims, we have created the solution by providing manufactured experiences through online, software simulations that assist in growing current and aspiring school leaders. Simulations can be facilitated in-person or through any online meeting service. When gathering in groups is discouraged or not possible, online simulation training can be safely and effectively deployed.