Navigating Communication Challenges in Independent Schools

May 1, 2024

In this interactive session, we will lead our Parent-Teacher Conference simulation, focusing on communication between teachers and parents regarding student performance. The simulation highlights the challenge of parent-teacher conferences becoming difficult for teachers when assumptions differ between the teacher and parent about the focus of the conversation. Through this simulated scenario, participants will have the chance to engage in thoughtful discussions with peers.

Thank you to ADVIS for inviting us to their Business Partner Showcase Day!

If you are experiencing issues playing the video above, you can access the webinar recording by clicking on the following link: View Webinar Recording

Key Webinar Highlights:

  1. Parent-Teacher Conference Simulation: Experience a live simulation of a parent-teacher conference, highlighting the nuances and challenges of effective communication between educators and parents regarding student performance.
  2. Addressing Assumptions: Explore how assumptions can shape the focus and tone of parent-teacher interactions, and learn strategies for navigating differences in perspective to ensure productive conversations.
  3. Peer Engagement: Engage in meaningful discussions with fellow participants, sharing insights and best practices for enhancing communication and collaboration between teachers and parents.

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