Classroom Mental Health

March 12, 2024

During this webinar, Nadja Lopez, Ph.D., and Luba Feigenberg, Ed.D. from William James College, will delve into the critical importance of addressing mental health within educational environments and discuss how to implement simulations into your curriculum.

Key Webinar Highlights:

  1. Importance of Addressing Mental Health in Education: Nadja Lopez, Ph.D., and Luba Feigenberg, Ed.D. underscore the critical significance of incorporating mental health education into academic environments. They emphasize the need to address mental health issues within educational settings and provide insights into effective simulation implementation strategies in curricula.
  2. Guided Tour of SchoolSims Portal: Ken Spero, President & Co-Founder of SchoolSims, shares his expertise by guiding participants through the SchoolSims portal. He showcases the portal’s functionality and benefits in facilitating experiential learning in mental health education. Through this demonstration, educators gain valuable insights into leveraging simulations to enhance understanding and skill development in addressing mental health challenges.
  3. Experience “Classroom Mental Health” Simulation: Participants can immerse themselves in a new simulation titled “Classroom Mental Health.” This interactive experience offers a hands-on learning opportunity tailored explicitly to promoting mental wellness within classroom settings. By engaging with this simulation, educators can gain practical knowledge and insights into effectively managing mental health issues among students.
  4. Comprehensive Exploration and Practical Guidance: The webinar provides a holistic exploration of the significance of mental health education and offers practical guidance on integrating simulations into curricula. By empowering educators with the knowledge and tools to address mental health challenges effectively, the webinar equips them to create supportive and inclusive learning environments for their students.

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