TeacherSims Webinar Event: Building Inclusive Classrooms: Defending Challenged Books

September 24, 2021

In this webinar, Dr. Gretchen McAllister and Dr. Hoda Harati of Northern Arizona University facilitated our Building Inclusive Classrooms TeacherSim. The purpose of this webinar was to show the potential of simulations and how they can help you advance the growth of aspiring and/or novice teachers. The webinar allowed participants to take part in an engaging and collaborative development session with peers from around the country.

Simulations help teachers to become more confident in their decision-making abilities by creating a risk-free environment where participants have an opportunity to practice and fail as they face difficult situations. In this particular simulation, you must handle books that focus on LGBTQIA identity while addressing parent concerns and student needs while interacting with the school board and administration. Let's discuss which approach makes sense and why together.


SchoolSims participants are afforded opportunities to work through authentic school-based issues and practice decision-making to improve learning and retention. By expanding their experience portfolio, aspiring and sitting teachers build resilience and extend capacity to prepare them for real-life challenges.

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SchoolSims provides a powerful and affordable way to deliver highly effective teacher training. Current and aspiring teachers are offered a chance to experience real-life scenarios that depict true events but in a simulated setting. Since there aren’t always right or wrong answers when it comes to human behavior, experimentation is encouraged within the simulation as there is no way to fail. Participants practice critical thinking and are encouraged to discuss the reasons behind their choices which allows for peer-to-peer learning.