Building a Supportive Emotional Culture for Student and Staff Well-Being

April 2, 2024

Join us for an interactive webinar featuring Dr. John D'Auria from William James College, where we'll delve into balancing psychological safety with accountability, the commitment-making process, and the importance of listening as a leadership skill. Engage in a live simulation, gain insights for professional development, and connect with peers to navigate challenges in independent schools effectively.

Key Webinar Highlights:

  1. Balancing Psychological Safety and Accountability: Discover strategies for maintaining a psychologically safe environment while upholding accountability standards in independent school settings.
  2. Commitment-Making Process: Explore the significance of thorough examination and passionate discussion in the commitment-making process, fostering collaboration and ownership.
  3. Listening as Leadership: Learn how listening to understand can be a powerful leadership skill, enhancing communication and trust within school communities.

Interested in Learning More?

SchoolSims offers a transformative learning experience for professional development in public, private, and independent schools, as well as for future educators in colleges and universities. Simulations are a series of linked scenarios in a choose-your-own-adventure format, where we use both live actors and artificial intelligence to allow learners to experience the consequences of their decisions while bridging the gap between theory and practice.