Simulation-Based Experiential Learning

Practice Critical Decision-Making in a Safe Environment

SchoolSims offers a transformative learning experience for professional development in public, private, and independent schools, as well as for future educators in colleges and universities. Simulations are a series of linked scenarios in a choose-your-own-adventure format, where we use both live actors and artificial intelligence to allow learners to experience the consequences of their decisions while bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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SchoolSims simulation-based experiential learning tools benefit current and aspiring:

  • School Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Counselors

SchoolSims can be utilized in school districts, independent schools, associations and support entities, and colleges and universities. It is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to enhance decision-making skills and gain practical experience in a safe environment.

What We Do

SchoolSims specializes in offering simulation-based experiential learning opportunities. Through our platform, individuals can engage synchronously and asynchronously in immersive simulations replicating real-life scenarios, allowing them to make decisions, observe outcomes, and enhance their practical skills in a risk-free virtual environment.

How It Works

SchoolSims participants can immerse themselves in interactive simulations, making choices and witnessing the consequences. Afterward, they receive feedback that highlights the impacts of their decisions. This process encourages reflection, enabling users to analyze their choices, reflect on the consequences of their decisions, and refine their decision-making abilities. A cycle of engagement, feedback, and reflection drives continuous improvement in a safe and supportive space.

Why It Works

SchoolSims is effective due to its foundation in simulation-based research, its many benefits, and its alignment with neuroscience principles. Simulations have a proven track record of enhancing learning outcomes by providing practical, hands-on experiences that align with the brain’s natural learning processes. They engage learners in active decision-making, stimulating neural pathways associated with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Research shows that simulation-based learning increases knowledge retention and application as participants not only directly experience the consequences of their actions and have the opportunity for active reflection but also benefit from the brain’s heightened plasticity during immersive learning experiences so that the simulated experiences can be retrieved when they are needed in the participants’ real-life decision challenges.

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The video on the right showcases a guided simulation demonstration led by Ken Spero, the President and Founder of SchoolSims.
Learn How School Districts and Universities Use SchoolSims
Dr. Stephanie Jackson
Principal on Assignment
Orange County Public Schools

"(Previously) we had to generate discussion questions and create our own multiple choice questions for over 30 scenarios. Simulations allowed us to apply our focus and gave us flexibility in our program which saves us time, effort, and cost.”

Brandon Cummings
Director of Leadership Development
The School District of Philadelphia

"The conversations we have at these monthly meetings are what matter to us. These difficult conversations may be had from various perspectives thanks to the simulations. We want a place where we can talk openly and safely with our future leaders."

Dr. Dale Cox
Assistant Professor
Utah Valley University

“The simulations create cohesiveness within the cohorts; it gives the students something to work on together that is challenging, all while building relationships within the classroom. Simulations are innovative and changing the profession as we know it. Principalship and leadership is not something you know, it is something that you do.“

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