NCEA Standards in Accounting – save time and improve passes!

Our auto-marked, online sims for teaching, learning and assessment of internal and external NCEA standards in  accounting make a huge difference in the pass marks of students, with less time and greater satisfaction.  Our sims cost $10 per student per standard to use in class time and at home. 


  • Internal standards: We have the class sims for practice in class and assessment sims and resit sims for assessment purpose. They are all mostly auto-marked.
  • External standards: We have the class sims for practice purposes.
    There is no need for a lab time for the class sim. The questions are based on past exams. They are great for teaching and learning as well as for exam preparation.
  • The class sims can be used 24/7 and at home.
  • fastpassMATHS: We have powerful sims that work on smartphones and tablets to cover some NCEA Level 1 Maths topics. Click here for details.

PRICING:  The price is $10 per student per standard and may be paid by the school or passed on to the parent.
REGISTRATION: Fill out the form at the Registration Page.


  • The sims provide a set of exam questions that either have QAAM (Quality Assured Assessment Material) accreditation by NZQA or are easy to moderate by NZQA or are based on the NZQA past exams.
  • They save you 100% of the time required for preparing exams questions.
  • Students work online and and most of the questions are auto-marked.
  • They reduce the amount of fails by 50%, and reduce teacher marking time by at least 75%.
  • Marking usually has recommended grades of A, M, E and NA, and we guarantee a high level of marking consistency with that of the moderator.
  • Non-achieving students can redo the assessments easily.
  • There are reduced printing costs for the schools.
  • Click here for a list and description our sims.

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