About Us – Schoolsims Limited

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Schoolsims’ goal is to provide the toolset, platform and marketplace for simulations used by schools and universities. Schoolsims is powered by the Spreadsims Simulator plug-in which provides a powerful, intuitive language based on spreadsheets which empowers authors to design, build, test and publish a variety of different types of simulations far quicker and easier than ever before. These sims may complement books, case studies and other teaching resources.

Our Schoolsims platform allows teachers, instructors and trainers to easily and quickly set up, administer, run and test students and participants in their courses and training programmes. It allows teachers to set up classes to use a sim, assess the learning of their students, and even to design, build, test and publish their own sims. It allows parents and students access to educational resources which assist the development of students’ learning and capabilities to pass exams quickly, conveniently, easily and enjoyably.

  • The parent company SymComm has the vision to be the publisher, platform and marketplace, for solo and multi-user sims, for schools, universities and companies. This technology transforms education, through rapid and deep learning, more thinking and fun!

Historically, SymComm has been a provider of powerful and scalable tools and techniques for business education in companies and universities. SymComm has over 20 years experience with simulation education technology. Their competitive edge has been through a focus on experiential techniques where participants “learn by doing”and in particular, by using simulation.

  • Schoolsims now provide this knowledge to other authors, teachers, instructors and trainers to use in their courses and training programmes, through our powerful Spreadsims simulation technology.